Company History

In memory of Ron and Clare
Shona and Tony

Recognising the need for interior doors and timber joinery specialists on the Kapiti Coast,  the late Ron Thomson and his son Tony Thomson founded Paraparaumu Doors & Mouldings in  1987. 

It all began in a small factory on Rimu Road in Paraparaumu with father and son, and Ron’s  wife Clare in the office. They worked tirelessly to create a good customer base and build a  name for themselves. In 1991, Tony’s wife Shona began her work with the team as she took  over from Clare, and became a part of the business’s growing success. 

As time went on and the business steadily grew, a larger factory was required. They moved to  Kapiti Road in 1993. 

As demand grew, the new factory successfully catered to customers’ increasingly diverse  needs, and developed a good local name. In the year 2000 Ron Thomson retired, handing the  reins over to his son Tony. Shortly after this, in 2004, Ron’s grandson and Tony’s son Adam  began his joinery apprenticeship with the company. Ready to learn from the ground up.  

Over the next ten years the building industry continued to grow, and Paraparaumu Doors &  Mouldings became one of the wider Wellington region’s three top door suppliers. With Tony’s  “know-how can-do” attitude, the business was excelling.  

By 2014 the Kapiti Road factory had become too small to accommodate the increasing  customer demands, and in 2015 the business moved to their current factory at 14 Manchester  Street, Paraparaumu. The 1000-square-metre factory is currently a good size for the business.  This same year, Adam’s wife Daphne joined the business.  

In 2017, Adam made a smart investment and chose to buy shares into the family business. The  company Paraparaumu Doors & Joinery Ltd was established. As a Director Adam has brought a  mindset of future business growth, developing new strategic systems, formulating computer  software programs and a new-age customer-focused initiative.  

Currently Adam and Tony are running the business together, working cohesively to bring  Paraparaumu Doors & Joinery to a new level of business success. In upcoming years Tony  will be slowing down to enjoy the fruits of all his hard labour over the past three and a half  decades, joining his wife Shona, who retired in 2020.  

Looking to the future, Adam and Daphne are eager to continue the successful family legacy. 

Our values
To manufacture timber doors and joinery at a consistently high quality, whilst offering great service and a positive
can-do attitude.

Our vision
We aim to be one of the top manufacturing companies in the Wellington region, offering well sought-after products and renowned service.